SMART & GREEN MOBILITY Ondernemersreis Oktober 2017



De Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij organiseert van 10 t/m 19 oktober 2017 een ondernemersreis naar Duitsland! Tijdens deze reis brengen ze Brabantse bedrijven in contact met Duitse bedrijven, netwerkorganisaties en overheden op het gebied van Smart & Green Mobility. 


Als deelnemer aan deze ondernemersreis krijgt u een compleet programma aangeboden, bestaande uit inspirerende bedrijfsbezoeken gericht op kennisuitwisseling met Duitse OEM-ers en tier-1 leveranciers, inhoudelijke ronde tafelsessies met gelegenheid tot individuele matchmaking met internationale deelnemers, bezoek aan de e-mobility beurzen EVS30 en eMove360 en diverse netwerkmomenten. 


Hoofdthema van deze reis is Smart & Green Mobility, met de nadruk op laadinfrastructuur en smart charging/storage, elektrische voertuigtechnologie voor heavy en light duty vehicles 
en nieuwe mobiliteitsdiensten rondom car-sharing en connected car. 


De organisatie is in handen van de BOM i.s.m. FIER Automotive en APPM, Consulaat-Generaal München en clusterpartner e-Mobil Baden-Württemberg.


Meer informatie
Meer informatie over de reis en het programma vindt u hier.
Ze hebben maar een beperkt aantal plaatsen beschikbaar, dus wacht niet te lang met inschrijven.








e-Mobility gains momentum, but Merkel hits the breaks

In Germany governments, the public and the car industry are developing an appetite for e-mobility. But with the momentum gaining, Chancellor Angela Merkel hits the breaks by announcing Germany will not achieve its policy goals in time. Although no surprise, it’s the wrong point at the wrong time.


Edwin Bestebreurtje, Partner

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Why the game is changing in the automotive industry

Its hard, if not impossible, to predict the future. But looking at the automotive industry, it is safe to say it will change dramatically over the next ten years. Key ‘game changers’ are teaming-up and set to re-define the market. Car and truck manufacturers will have to follow, or loose the game.


Rob Kroon, Consultant

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Calculating costs of mobility saves money, really!

An online tool to calculate the costs you could save with a switch to electric driving. Its one of the most appreciated results of I-CVUE, a three year European project about the introduction of emobility. Although the free (!) online tool is available to everyone, it has to be further developed to be accessible for consumers.


Rob Kroon, consultant

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Government policies should focus on shared mobility

In The Netherlands right wing parties promise more roads to solve the daily traffic jams, while more left leaning parties argue for a tax per kilometer. The Dutch political debate on mobility is not only traditional ‘left-right’, it is also out of date. New policies should focus on electric mobility to solve the much debated traffic jams and reduce CO2 emission.


Flip Oude Weernink, New Mobility Manager

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Shared mobility already the norm in Munich’s Domagkpark

In the Domagkpark, right in the centre of the Bavarian capital Munich, a new residential area is being build. Located on a former barracks, the city of Munich choose to work with an estimated 0,5 car per household for the developments of the cooperatives or in German 'Genossenschaften'. No problem to reduce this from the usual 1,0 because residents operate their very own  shared mobility programme, using vehicles with both electric and fuel powered engines and  other mobility solutions such as electric bikes.


Edwin Bestebreurtje, Partner

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Heavy electric trucks feasible when jointly operated

In the Dutch province of Limburg and the neighbouring German ‘Bundesland’ North Rhine-Westphalia soon nine large 40 to 50 ton electric trucks will be operated by local Dutch and German transport companies. This is unique in the world. Sharing makes the investment in electric trucks and charging infrastructure feasible. Yes, also this is unique.


Harm Weken, Managing Partner

Rob Kroon, Consultant

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