In a rapidly urbanizing world, societies become more and more conscious about their energy consumption and its impact on the environment. As a result, people feel the need to travel as efficient as possible and without the air pollution emitted by the combustion engine we use nowadays. Having the ambition to facilitate this global transition, FIER Automotive accelerate the development of the technology and platforms needed to create and establish the mobility solutions of the future.


What we believe in

From conventional to smart mobility

With societies turning into networks, their surroundings become networks too. Mobility used to take place on roads and highways alone. However, for their fuel electric cars can be connected to, for example, solar panels on the roofs of houses and the power grid. This need for connection will integrate mobility with the surrounding buildings, transforming the human environment into a mobility and energy network.
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From combustion engine to electric driving

Considering the entire lifecycle, electric cars are three times more efficient than cars with combustion engines. To enable people and goods to move as efficient as possible, vehicles like bikes, cars and trucks, will be electrified in the next two decades. With battery technology getting better by the day and large urban areas suffering from heavy air pollution, cities are about to make this transition.
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From car ownership to mobility as a service

Being a symbol of success and welfare, car ownership has been and still is very popular. However, future mobility is shaped by efficiency and sustainability, not the need for appearance.  In the near future most people will not own a car, but rather order it as a service from a mobility provider or fleet owner. This concept is known as ‘e-mobility as a service’ or ‘eMaaS’.
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Getting the market ready: From selling to servicing

Retailers, dealerships and fleet managers connect the automotive industry with the end-user. For a smooth transition to sustainable mobility, this requires them to rethink their business models and their very own role in servicing future mobility.
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Selection of our projects, partners and clients

About us


FIER Automotive was founded at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam to facilitate innovative and economic research in the automotive industry.  In 1994  FIER Automotive became an independent company. Early 2008 we moved our office to the city of Helmond, where FIER Automotive was one of the initiators of the AutomotiveCampus. Being an expert in business development in the field of sustainable mobility, FIER Automotive is initiator and owner of groundbreaking projects and concepts.

A selection of our clients:  Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), Foundation Limburg Electric, Province of Limburg, DriveOregon (Portland, US), Stedin, Rijkswaterstaat, European Commission, Seacon Logistics. 
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