From conventional to smart mobility

Strategic map for charging infrastructure

FIER Automotive, Foundation Limburg Electric and AnalyseCentrum jointly work on the development of a 'charging infrastructure policy tool'.   With this tool, which exists out of a policy model and strategic map,  we help governments to further develop the public charging infrastructure by using data and analysis of all kinds.  For example,  data about the already available charging infrastructure and its use. We furthermore include in our model socio-economic data of the population, which is an indication of whetever or not people are interested in buying an electric car. And we map-out in a specific area the locations of stakeholder such as universities, hospitals and larger companies, where due to the high number of daily visitors public charging infrastructure could be feasible. 

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From combustion engine to electric driving

E-Mobility Partners

The Partners for International Business (PIB) programme E-Mobility Partners facilitates the cooperation between German and Dutch companies involved in electric mobility. In Germany E-Mobility Partners has a focus on the regions Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hessen and Rheinland-Pfalz. The program is supported by the Dutch embassy in Berlin, the Dutch consulate in Munich and the trade and innovation agencies of the Dutch government and the mentioned German states. The participants of E-Mobility Partners join forces in three electric vehicle (EV) focus areas: charging infrastructure, urban mobility and heavy-duty EV.

FIER Automotive is coordinator of the programme and offers support in management, project and business development.

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Incentives For Cleaner Vehicles in Urban Europe (I-CVUE)

I-CVUE is an 'Intelligent Energy Europe Programme' co-funded project. It has the ambition to reduce  CO2-emissions in urban environments by increasing the number of EV's in large fleets in urban areas by mentoring fleet operators and manager. The programme also resulted in a framework governments can use to set up tailor-made fleet incentive programmes to encourage the uptake of EV's by using specific socio-economic indicators. FIER Automotive delivered a comprehensive study on boundary conditions for a successful uptake of EV’s in Europe and particular in the Netherlands. Within the sector, we also performed numerous ‘mentoring projects’ in which fleet managers were supported with their feasibility analyses, TCO-calculation and implementation of EV's in their carpark. To support fleet managers a free and online TCO-tool was developed.

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From car ownership to mobility as a service


eCARSHARE is a corporate e-car sharing project with over 40 shared EV’s in Southern Limburg and Brabant, launched in October 2014 and initiated by Foundation Limburg Elektrisch (SLE) in cooperation with and developed by FIER Automotive. Partners are Province of Limburg, municipality Sittard-Geleen and Paleiskwartier Electrisch. The aim is to develop a sustainable business case for e-car sharing.

A feasibility study from SLE and FIER showed that Limburg is the ideal testing ground for e-car sharing, due to the short commuting distances, small and densely populated area and a closed labor market. The preliminary results of the project are promising and encourages all involved stakeholders (government and (public-) private companies) to invest in continuation and upscaling of the project. This includes technical development of sharing systems and charging infrastructure. The fleet is expected to grow to over 150 EV’s by the end of 2017.

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Getting the market ready: From selling to servicing

 Freight Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe (FREVUE)

By exploiting over 80 Electric Freight Vehicles (EFVs) for urban logistics, FREVUE (Freight Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe) intents to develop a viable business case for the current generation of electric vans and trucks with the goal to replace lorries and vans powered by diesel engines. The project combines state of the art urban logistics applications, innovative logistics management software and well-designed government policies.

Contributing to FREVUE, FIER Automotive performed numerous TCO --calculations (Total Cost of Ownership) in the Netherlands for fleet managers and freight companies.

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The eGreenLastMile (eGLM)

The eGreenLastMile" is a project with the aim to electrify container transport within a range of 50km around Greenport Venlo in Limburg, the Netherlands. In a comprehensive feasibility study the technical, economical, logistical and financial feasibility was investigated. This study, done by FIER Automotive, showed that electric container transport is already feasible from an technical and logistics perspective. It is expected to be economically feasible within three to five years in niche applications. The project partners are currently assessing the possibility to develop a first pilot project with 6 – 10 electric heavy 40 to 50 ton trucks, which aims to bridge the gap with the near future economic feasibility.

FIER is responsible for the project management of eGLM.
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