Shared mobility already the norm in Munich’s Domagkpark

In the Domagkpark, right in the centre of the Bavarian capital Munich, a new residential area is being build. Located on a former barracks, the city of Munich choose to work with an estimated 0,5 car per household for the developments of the cooperatives or in German 'Genossenschaften'. No problem to reduce this from the usual 1,0 because residents operate their very own  shared mobility programme, using vehicles with both electric and fuel powered engines and  other mobility solutions such as electric bikes.


Edwin Bestebreurtje, Partner

In the Domagkpark, named after the Nobel price winner Gerhard Domagk, about 1.700 houses are build. The development ‘ll be build around an artist colony which has been at there for years and is home to about three-hundred artists and their studio’s.


The ‘commune’ around the artist colony developed, supported by the municipality of Munich, a sharing service of bikes and cars which are powered the solar panels installed on the buildings. It’s great to see how people can really change something when they team-up and get a little support from their government.


German-Dutch eMonday

My visit to Domagkpark was part of a trade mission of the Dutch municipalities of Amsterdam and Utrecht. From 11 to 14 February 2017 the two Dutch cities toured Bavaria and visited its capital Munich. Part of the programme was the first German-Dutch eMonday, which understandably took place on Monday 13 February 2017.


De meeting, which was organised together with the Dutch Consulate in Munich, was popular amongst German companies. Besides the fifty Dutch delegation members, about one hundred people from Munich region visited the network event. The organisations even had to disappoint about fifty guests, who couldn’t be allowed in because there was not enough space in the venue Der Pschorr in Munich.


Letter of Intent

On behalf of E-Mobility Partners, a by FIER Automotive coordinated consortium of Dutch companies jointly exporting their expertise in electric mobility to Germany, about ten members attended eMonday. A great result from the on on 14 April 2016 signed Letter of Intent between E-Mobility Partners and MunichExpo, a fair organiser, publisher and owner and facilitator of eMonday.


Because of the large audience in Munich, the Dutch-German eMonday will have a second edition in The Netherlands. The next meeting is scheduled for autumn 2017. We will only have to look for an venue big enough to host all the guests.


Photo: Nagy / Presseamt München 


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