Digitaal EV Roadmap symposium

Van 15 tot en met 19 juni organiseert Forth (Portland, Oregon, US) een digitale versie van het EV Roadmap symposium, dat dit jaar vanwege COVID-19 niet plaats kan vinden. Dit jaar zou EVS33 door Forth gehost worden, met parallel het EV Roadmap congres. De webinars vinden dagelijks plaats van 18.00 – 19.16 CET, met 5 thema’s die zeer actueel zijn in Amerika, met iedere dag een ander thema. De digitale missie Smart & e-Mobility die in dezelfde week wordt georganiseerd sluit aan op deze webinars.


Deelname aan de webinars is gratis, aanmelden per webinar is wel verplicht.
Via onderstaande links vind je meer informatie: 



On June 15th Equitable Transportation Electrification

This webinar will explore how to ensure the benefits of clean transportation reach traditionally underserved communities, with a focus on lessons learned and best practices. What strategies have been used to improve access and awareness? What projects have been the most successful? Our panelists will highlight the work being done by their organizations to bring clean mobility options to communities. https://forthmobility.org/events/equitable-transportation-electrification


On June 16th  Consumer Engagement & EV Adoption

One of the great challenges to electric transportation adoption is public awareness and education. This webinar will highlight the best practices of marketing EVs of all shapes and sizes to consumers with speakers from EVNoire, the Norwegian EV Association, and Austin Energy. https://forthmobility.org/events/consumer-engagement-ev-adoption


On June 17th Cities Leading the Transportation Electrification Charge

Transportation electrification is growing at different rates around the world and certain cities are leading the way. This webinar will highlight three cities with aggressive strategies to accelerate electric mobility adoption: Orlando, FL and Denver, CO, two American Climate Cities Challenge participants, and Amsterdam, one of Europe’s electric mobility leaders. https://forthmobility.org/events/cities-leading-the-transportation-electrification-charge


On June 18th  Charging Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicles

One of the challenges of electrifying heavy-duty vehicles is limited charging infrastructure. This webinar will explore how stakeholders can work together to overcome the market challenges of providing charging for electric trucks. Featuring speakers from Daimler Trucks North America, Southern California Edison, and Penske Trucks, our panelists will highlight how they are bringing clean heavy-duty mobility solutions to southern California https://forthmobility.org/events/charging-heavy-duty-electric-vehicles


On June 19th Electrifying Shared Mobility

The rise of ride share options is changing how we get around and companies like Uber and Lyft continue to position themselves as leaders in the space. This webinar will highlight how the electrification of transportation options is changing the shared mobility space with speakers from Lyft, Uber and EVgo. https://forthmobility.org/events/electrifying-tncs